Taiwanese International Student Association at UT Austin

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2014.9.26 2nd GM

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哈囉小夥伴們~開學已經快一個月了希望大家的課都很順利!這個週五就是TiSA的第二個GM啦!經過了我們前幾次的活動,你們是不是對TiSA很感興趣呢?別急,在2nd GM我們會再次介紹TiSA並且告訴大家如何成為我們TiSA的會員哦!我們還會介绍這個學期接下來的各種有趣的活動和家庭系统!
GM之後我們會去聚餐,如果你想來,一定要在下面的鏈接sign up!


順便提醒大家一下,T-shirt Design的截止日期就是這週五囉,如果你有好的想法千萬不要錯過機會!

Hello everyone! It’s been almost a month for the semester hope everyone is doing well so far! This Friday is TiSA's 2nd GM! After our former events this semester, are you interested in joining TiSA? Don’t worry! We will introduce TiSA again and tell you how to become a member! We will also tell you more interesting future events and details about our family system!
After the 2nd GM, we will go have dinner. If you want to join us, you MUST sign up on the Google form so we can make reservations and arrange carpool!


Do you want to know TiSA more? This Friday is your chance!!
Plus, the deadline for our T-Shirt Design is also this Friday. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you have talent!

Click here for the Facebook event page!!


2014.9.12 Golden Legend

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TiSA的各位小夥伴們大家好!又到了我們TiSA一年一度Golden Legend的時候啦!
想對UT了解更多嗎?想結交新的朋友嗎?想盡情玩耍鬥智鬥勇嗎?如果答案是肯定的,那就絕對不能錯過我們這週五的Golden Legend!
時間是September 12,下午6點到九點,地點是tower面向capitol的門口哦。

Hello everyone! It’s time for TiSA’s annual Golden Legend!
Do you want to know more about UT? Do you want to meet new friends? Do you want to fight a battle of wits and courage? If so, you definitely don't want to miss our Golden Legend on this Friday!
Time: September 12, 6-9 Pm.
Location: Tower facing the capitol
You will found yourself in a mystery....What is that?....Well, you will find out if you come! Are you wise enough to get out of the mystery?
Hurry up! Use your detective skills and find the clues to the mystery!
We have FOOD and PRIZES waiting for you!

Click here for the Facebook event page!


2014.9.5 First GM/Game Night

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Hello everyone! TiSA’s first general meeting is this coming Friday on September 5th!!! TiSA and TCCA will be providing FREE FOOD! During the meeting, we will introduce all the TiSA officers and will announce our events for this semester. We will tell you how to become a member and all the perks of being a member in TiSA! After the meeting, we will play some group competitive games together! So, come on! Grab a few friends and come enjoy a fantastic evening with us!

Don't forget that we will have FREE FOOD waiting for you!!

Click here for the FB link!

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