Taiwanese International Student Association at UT Austin

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2014.04.19 野餐划船會 Picnic and Kayaking!!!

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那天天氣好晴朗,處處好風光~!TiSA的各位朋友,我們將會在下個禮拜六 (四月十九號) 舉行野餐以及划船大賽!!!那天我們會在極好的天氣下安排超棒的戶外運動,例如:足球,飛盤,和美式足球!那天的壓軸戲就是划船了!如果還沒有享受過划船美好的人一定要出來玩!划過的人就更要來了!當天我們會供應有野餐風味的午餐!那天早上將會是個難忘的早晨!最後,我們會在LittleField Fountain前提供車運。如果沒車的朋友想去,請在9:30 a.m.時到LittleField Fountain集合,我們會接送。TiSA會員當天免費,非會員請帶$5.00的划船費以及$2.00的午餐費 (午餐你也可以自己帶,你爽就好) 謝謝!

Hello TiSA! Next Saturday (Apr. 19), TiSA will be hosting a picnic/kayaking competition! On that exciting morning, we will provide outdoor activities such as soccer, frisbee, and football! We will also be having a kayak competition that morning for those who loves to compete and WIN! If you have never kayak-ed before, come out and feel the happiness it can bring you and if you are an experienced kayaker, you should know the joy and come out! That day, we will be providing lunch as well! Come enjoy the fine day with fine people! It will definitely enhance your morning by over 9000! Lastly, for those who has no rides, no worries, TiSA's got you! Please meet at LittleField Fountain at 9:30 a.m. that morning to be arranged with a ride. For TiSA members, attention! You will not have to pay a dime that Saturday morning and for nonmembers, please bring $5.00 Kayaking fee and $2.00 lunch fee (or you can bring your own lunch.... whatever flows your boat) Thanks!

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2014.3.22 Spring BBQ

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Spring!!! Beautiful weather is approaching so we will celebrate with TiSA Spring BBQ!!! If you love to eat meat, drink amazing beverage, and love outdoor activities, you should not miss this opportunity! BBQ will be this weekend, please remember to dress comfortably and for those who are afraid of the cold or chill, remember to bring a light jacket! ATTENTION!!! If you are not a member, please remember to bring $8.00! If you are vegetarian, please bring $5.00. Thanks!

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2014.2.27 Board Game Night

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This Friday TiSA will be hosting a game night!!! We will have so many awesome games it will be ridiculous! If you like Monopoly, Chinese Chess, Jenga, or board games in general, you NEED to come out and have fun with us! We will provide light snacks and drinks. Remember to come out and enjoy the night with us!

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